Year, 2003 . . . Enter Light Sport Aircraft

Light Sport Aircraft - CheetahI just want to take a quick minute and introduce you to our blog.  . . . .

Hello, Jon here,  many years ago . .  over 10 years . . . My brother and I decided that we were going to start a small business in the then emerging market for Light Sport Aircraft.  Little did we know what we were taking on.  We figured we would become a distributor for one of the Euro Light Sport Aircraft and import and sell them like hot cakes.  Maybe it wasn’t that simple but the FAA had rather high projections and if we could even get 1 – 2 percent stake in the Light Sport Aircraft market. . . More on this later.

Let me tell you what this website is about.  Of course, this is all about “Light Sport Aircraft” and only about LSA’s and the Sport Pilot that fly them.

I want to give you a personal invitation to send me an article about your experience in either a thriving or not so successful Light Sport Aircraft Business.  Contact me by sending me a message and I would be happy to set you up as a guest blogger.  Even if you are just a Light Sport Aircraft Owner, I would be happy to set you up as a guest blogger.

I look forward to providing an interesting and useful website.  In case you are wondering, Midwest Sport Aviation, LLC no longer is conducting any business in the marketplace and the service sales, and support for the BushCat, Formerly the Cheetah, is now being managed by Jeremy and Dani Knoll of AeroSportPlanes.com. Light Sport Aircraft - AeroSportPlanes

Regards,  Jon Syvertson

PS – In my part time I am currently helping other people build a successful home business.

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